CNC Racing CNCレーシング:Right Handlebar switch front brake master cylinder Brembo OEM/RCS

CNC Racing CNCレーシング:Right Handlebar switch front brake master cylinder Brembo OEM/RCS

バイク別カタログDUCATI1001cc ?1198カスタムパーツ電装系スイッチ・ハーネス関係スイッチ
Red button - ignition circuit activator / breaker
Black button - engine starter activation
Grey button - activator / breaker option button multiple uses,can be customised by Customer

The switch body is machined from full 7075 aluminium (Ergal) bars and has then undergone a hard black anodizing process that enhances processing with CNC machinery. All the buttons compliant with the IP67 military standard that certifies the switch itself is water resistant. The operation of all buttons is guaranteed by over 700,000 cycles.

Assembly is very easy and plug&play: just dismantle the original switch with the tools recommended by the Manufacturer and the master cylinder clamp; then fit the CNC Racing switch connecting the plug to the bike original cable. Nothing else is required and you can always go back to the original configuration without any modification.


適合車種:DESMOSEDICI RR 2007-10,SBK 1098 2006-09,SBK 1098 R 2007-11,SBK 1098 S 2006-11,SBK 1198 2009-12,SBK 1198 S 2008-12,SBK 848 200...(適合車種を見る)

CNC Racing:CNCレーシング
CNC Racing:CNCレーシング
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• Mr Tsutomu Oikawa
• Mr Woo Fook Kuan Victor

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