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Pippa and the Add Value Team
welcome pack
Welcome Packs.
It’s a long way from home on your first night in student housing. We can pack together  a branded keep cup or mug,
important information and all the essentials (you chose what goes in).
wax highlighters
Open Day Welcome Wax Highlight Markers with Stylus in Case
Leave the lid off and they still work.
Under $3.20 ea for 1000, with full colour printed label on the case.
luggage tag
Luggage Tags for Travelling Students
Folding PU luggage tag with elastic strap closure.
Under $2.55 ea for 1000 with a full colour print.
More Luggage Tags
twister mints
A new Twist on Event Mints
Get twisting now with this fun, pocket sized, high fidget factor mint twister.
Under $2.55 ea for 1000 with a full colour print.
More confectionery
pencil case
Experience the Life Changing Magic of a tidy bag!
PVC carry case with internal mesh divider and zip with pull tag.
Use to hold  computer cables, cosmetics, first aid items, medications, sample collections,
labels, and pens.
Under $2.20 ea for 1000 with full colour label.
pencil tube
big kid pencil pack
Creativity with Coloured Pencils for Big and Little Kids
A tube of half pencils and a sharpener in the lid for the littles,or big kid full size colouring pencils.
Either set is under $1.85 ea for 1000 with a full colour label.
Adult colouring book?  Of course.
Create your own,  or we can design one for you.
Phone wallet
Hands Free – Phone Wallet
Slimline PVC wallet which attaches to the back of a smart phone (or smart phone case) with strong 3M adhesive
that won’t leave marks if removed. Ideal for holding a driver’s licence, ID, hotel key, credit card or business cards.
Under $1 ea for 1000 with full colour print.
virtual reality
Virtual Reality glasses
These 3D glasses for mobile phones will transform your message.
Start any virtual reality app, insert your phone in the glasses and look through the lens to experience the virtual world. Folds flat for efficient shipping and storage.
Fits most smartphones. Virtual reality Apps are available through Google Play or Apple App store. 360 degree videos available on YouTube.
Under $5.15 ea for 250, with full colour print on the case.
SPF30 sunscreen with a moisturiser in a convenient 15ml tube with a screw on cap. Full ingredient information is printed on the
back of the tube and complies with AS/NZS 2604:2012.
Under $2 ea for 1000 with full colour print.
pensnotebooks 2Bags

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