Build guest loyalty with 10 little pampers

Did i hear pamper

Promote your business with these guest pamper products.

Good Morning
These pamper items will make guests feel extra special and keep them coming back. Receive  tax benefits if you order before June 30.
Do check our full range on the website and call us for a quote on the actual number you need.
Order before July 30, and we will also throw in 500 plastic pens, with a one colour print (see details below) with any order over $3000!
Best Wishes
Pippa and the team
Call 1800 674 722
SAtin gown
Polyester Silky Satin Gowns
24 colours available, size M or XXL
Under $30 ea for 100 with embroidered logo
More Bath Robes
satin eyemasks
Satin Eye Masks
Under $1.40 ea for 1000, with one colour print
plush gel eye mask
Plush Gel Eye Masks
Hot or cold gel eye mask for soothing tired or puffy eyes. . Heat in a microwave for 30 seconds or freeze.
Will stay warm for up to 90 minutes and remain cold for up to three hours once frozen. Non-toxic,can be reused many times.
Under $12 ea for 100 with one colour print.
baby bibs
Baby Bib
Great Granny gift.
Under $9 ea for 100, with one colour print. Also comes in plain white.
sugar free mints
Sugar Free Mints
For day visits and goody bags
Under $1.20 ea for 500 with a full  colour print
More Treats
tote bags pamper
Do you have a bag I could use? 
A Front Desk essential that shows off your brand.
Under $1.25 ea for 500 with a one colour print
nail files
Nail Files are Keepers.
Busy women appreciate the practicality. Under $1.25 ea for 1000 either glass files (0ne colour print one side) or
emery boards (full colour print both sides).
Manicure Sets
power bank
Power Bank –  the traveller’s friend
Re-charges phones or tablets up to 300 times.
Under $20 ea for 50 with a one colour print.
More Power Banks
travel rug
Snuggle fleecy travel rugs
Under $23 ea for 144, with a one colour print
picnic blanket
Picnic Blanket
Under $18 ea for 50, embroidered
More Picnic Rugs 
dog lead
Woven Dog Lead
Under $10.50 ea for 100
More Dog Leads
500 Free Plastic Pens with a one colour, one position print.
Order over $3000 with Add Value from our extensive range, and
choose either the Mini Pen with black lanyard. (Attaches to most lanyards & mobile phones)
Or the Rainbow full size pen. Delivery 2-3 weeks.
Other plastic pen choices available with a 6 week delivery time.

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